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I just changed to #! on my main machine because ubuntu 12.10 was getting fat and flashy on me, never mind Unity, sometimes Xorg would swallow half of my CPU! And yeah Gnome was all buggy with Qt and would crash X. So when exactly that happened yesterday I went out and bought a 1Tb external hard drive and backed everything up over the night (350Gb takes a lot of time on a 2.0 usb socket). And this moring burned the #! iso to a USB stick and booted over…

And man, crunchbang, it’s fast and I love the no-bullshit approach (everything is battleship gray by default)… It installs pretty fast, it’s window manager is Openbox, and here everything is a right click away…

There is a post installation script that will install LAMP, SSH, and all the dev stuff you could ask for.


The file manager is Thunar, and the editor is Geany… Not bad at all. The default browser seems to be “Iceweasel” which I cant decide on, it’s really like a stripped down version of firefox.

I cant wait to customize this baby up!


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